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R134a Premium Manifold Gauge Set with 60" Hoses
Aluminum R134a set comes complete with 60” hoses and R134a manual couplers. Comes in custom molded carrying case.
R134a Manifold
Gauge Set with 72”
Aluminum manifold. Set of three 72” hoses. Couplers.
R1234yf Aluminum Ball Valve Manifold Gauge Set
Anti-flutter gauges smooth out
needle movement. Piston type
free-floating valves reduce o-ring
wear. Red and blue nylon barrier
hoses with 12mm-m fittings on
both sides meets SAE J2888, EPA,
SAE and UL standards. Yellow hose
with 12mm fitting on one side and 1/2" x 16 ACME on the other meet SAE J2888.
R1234yf/R134a Brass
Manifold Gauge Set
Brass manifold gauge set
compatible with both 134a
and 1234yf refrigerants. Large
2-1/2” anti-flutter silicone,
recalibrateable gauges.
Manifold features extra access
port for vacuum line. R1234yf
high and low side quick
couplers meet SAE J639 & J2888 standards. Long 72" hoses (set of 3). Includes 1/2” acme-m x 1/2” acme-f LH thread adapter and (2) 12mm- m x 14mm-f R1234yf adapters.
MCLC89772AYF R1234yf / R134a Premium Dual Manifold Gauge Set
Professional extruded
aluminum block, 72" hoses
and 2 1/2” silicone dampened,
recalibrateable gauges. Free-
floating piston type valves
reduce o-ring wear. Extra
access port for vacuum line.
Extra large sight glass for visual refrigerant check. Large easy-to-grip knobs. R1234yf high and low side couplers with extended disconnect protection sleeve meets SAE J639 & J2888 standards. R134a high and low side manual couplers meet SAE, UL and EPA requirements for containment of refrigerant.
R12 / R134a Manifold Gauge Set with 96” Hoses
R12/R134a gauges. Set of three 96” hoses. Manual couplers. 1/4” SAE M x 1/2” ACME-F Adapter. Gauge guards. Comes in a plastic cas
Dual Digital R134a and R1234yf Manifold Gauge Set
Dual Digital manifold gauge
set for R134a and R1234yf
with built-in refrigerant/
oil capacity database for
both refrigerants. Large,
easy-to-read LCD screen
displays temperature,
pressure, and vacuum
readings. Performs system
leak check at the conclusion
of the evacuation process.
Durable ABS construction
protected by a rubber boot.
Fully functional manifold with the intelligence to quickly access and deliver accurate information. Aluminum block manifold with double o-ring free floating piston valves. Heavy-duty hook folds back into unit for compact storage. Includes set of R134a manual couplers, set of R1234yf couplers, 72” premium A/C hoses, tank adapter, (2) 12mm- M x 14mm-F 1234yf adapters and a protective case.
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