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Pullers & Belt Tools // ENGINE TOOLS
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GearWrenchTM Serpentine Belt Tool Set
Combines the patented innovation of GearWrenchTM with the requirements of the Serpentine Belt removal tool to provide the user with the best possible combination. Provides coverage for all major vehicles with serpentine belt configuration. The versatility and strength of the GearWrenchTM allows for unlimited access
to serpentine pulley tension arms with added attachments for unlimited coverage. Works on domestic and import cars, including Volvo 3/4” square drive requirements. Kit comes in a blow-molded case for easy storage.
Stretch Belt Installer/ Remover
Combination removal and installation tool for most stretch belt applications found on many accessory drive systems. Unique magnetic faces hold the tool
in place on the pulley. Helps prevent damage to belt or pulley during removal.
PBT70990 Stretch Belt Mate Kit
Universal installation and removal of all stretch
fit belts. Easily installs all stretch fit belts; no adjustments required.
Honda & Acura Serpentine Belt Tool
Features a specific “clock”
angle of the 6 point 19mm
end enabling access to the
hydraulic dampener. The thin 12 point 14mm end of the tool, coupled with nice handle geometry gives access to the adjuster on vehicles with the passenger side motor mount removed. Applications: Acura, Volvo, Honda - Element, Fit 2003 & later, Civic 2006 & later. Not designed for hybrid vehicles.
Toyota Serpentine Belt Tensioner Wrench
This wrench is designed
with a 19mm and 14mm 12
point socket to access the serpentine belt tensioner without lifting the car and removing the wheel and splash shield.
Serpentine Belt Install Tool
This time saving tool gives the technician the control and reach
when installing serpentine belts in all applications. The tool was also designed to help install V-belts and timing belts that tend to be placed in areas that are difficult to reach. The three pin design gives the technician convenient belt push/pull capability and the handle gives the technician the twisting control to install belts in difficult areas.
Tru-Grip Serpentine Belt Install Tool
Clamping jaw allows user to position serpentine belt without the belt slipping out of the tool. Tru-grip and long reach allows belt routing in tight access areas that would normally be difficult if not impossible. Ergonomic handle acts as an extension of the user’s hand.
     Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 489

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