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// Pullers & Belt Tools
Universal Camshaft Bearing Kit
One complete set that will remove or insert camshaft bearings in nearly all engines from compact cars to heavy trucks. Range of 1.125” to 2.69”. The expander has a neoprene sleeve over which the split driving plugs are mounted and expanded to size. Two sets of rubber sleeves supplied with it for each expanding collet. The brown sleeves are used when driving thin wall bearings (.065). The black sleeves should be used when driving thick wall bearings (.090). Instruction sheet provides complete, illustrated operating instructions and parts list. Includes: Driving shaft, driving shaft extension, expander unit, five (5) expanding collets, five (5) sleeve sets, two (2) driving collars, centering cone and blow-molded case
Flywheel Turner
Used to hold the flywheel
or flexplate when torquing
the flywheel or harmonic
balancer bolts on most vehicles. Also used to turn the flywheel to rotate the engine. Folds for easy storage.
Dual Overhead Cam
(DOHC) Lock Tool
Locks camshaft sprockets in place
during belt/chain replacement.
Unique design uses knurled pins to
hold against the inside of the cam
sprockets. Two parallel bars “float,”
allowing the knurled pins to align with the sprockets. Preserves the engine timing during belt or chain replacement.
Ford Camshaft
Alignment Tool
The camshaft bar and long
TDC timing pin are used on
2.0L DOHC Zetec engines
found in 1994-2003 Ford
and Mercury vehicles. The camshaft bar and short TDC timing pin are used on 2004-2012 2.5L DOHC, 2.3L DOHC 4V and 2.0L DOHC engines that are found in Ford, Mercury and Mazda vehicles. The camshaft alignment bar can also be used by itself on 2.0L DOHC engines in 1993-1994 Ford Probe.
CamClamp® Set
Use on single, dual or
quad overhead cam
engines to hold valve
timing during belt
replacement. Ideal
for Diesel injection
pump belt replacement. Patented ‘Uni-Fit’ positive lock tooth design. Constructed from high strength industrial grade non-corrosive materials. Fits timing gear diameters from approximately 4” (101mm) to 6” (152mm). Fits gear spacings from approximately 1/16” (1.6mm) to 3” (76mm). [NOTE: Will vary dependent on gear diameter.] Set contains Dual CamClamp® (PBT70896), four CamClamp® Singles with 2 bolt extensions and an impact resistant tray for easy storage.
LS18020 LS18040 LS18060 LS18080 LS18100 LS18120 LS18140 LS18160 LS18180 LS18200 LS18220 LS18230 LS18270 LS18280 LS18330 LS18340 LS18350 LS18390 LS18410 LS18420 LS18430
Collet Set
Collet Set
Collet Set
Collet Set
Collet Set
Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Driver Bar
Driver Extension Expander Shaft Expander Cone Expander Assembly Expander Shaft & Cone Expander Segment Set (4) Nylon Cone
Rubber Sleeve Large Washer Small Washer
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