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Digital Battery & Electrical
System Analyzer
Test 6 & 12 volt batteries from 40 to 2000 CCA. Test 12 volt start/stop batteries. Test 12 & 24 volt Charging Systems. Measures cranking volts to test the starting system. Test lead acid, Enhanced Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral and Gel Cell batteries charged and discharged down to 1.5 volts. Printer Included!
Thermal Printer Paper - 2/Pk
To be used with the ESC726 Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer. Comes in a package of two.
130 Amp Battery Load Tester
Applying an industry-
leading 130 amp load, this
ergonomically designed,
heavy-duty battery tester
provides accurate, reliable
test results in just 10 seconds.
Includes uniquely designed
clamps for a positive grip on
top and side post batteries and
an extra large, easy-to-read
display with zero adjust. 0-16
volt range. Works on both 6V
and 12V batteries. Ergonomic
handle design. Side tabs for on-tool clamp storage. Back brackets for tool storage on wall or toolbox.
Carbon Pile Tester
Great tool for simulating actual cranking loads. 500 amp adjustable load carbon pile. Tests 12 volt batteries rated as high as 1000 CCA or 160 amp hour. Can also test alternators, regulators and starters. Large dual meters display battery voltage and load current simultaneously during the test. 500 amp side terminal clamps and heavy-duty stranded copper cables. Meters are color coded for simple pass or fail diagnostics. Includes temperature compensation chart.
Battery & Charging/Starting System Analyzer
Tests all 12V Lead Acid Batteries, including AGM and Gel. 100 to 1,700 CCA. Bright, color LCD with easy-to- read graphical display. Displays battery condition as % of available capacity with “Good”, “Marginal” or “Replace” status and color-coded bar graph for easy diagnosis. Detects and alerts
of bad cells and surface charge. Ultra-quick voltmeter and state- of-charge reading. 5.5V to 33V operating range. 12V starter test with cranking voltage. 12V charging test with load and ripple test. 24V starting & charging test available in voltmeter mode. Patented technology allows for faster CCA selection. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer
Test 12 volt batteries
from 200 to 1200
CCA. Test 12 volt
charging systems. Measures cranking
volts to test the
starting system. Test
lead acid, enhanced flooded, AGM, AGM
spiral, and gel cell batteries charged and discharged down to 7 volts.
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