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Probe Lead Set
Useful set of the most
popular piercing probes
with 64" test leads.
Pair of red/black, self-
centering Piercing Clips
feature adjustable depth
via screw-down threading and female banana plug receptacles. Pair of red/black, flexible 1.5" silicon back probe pins provide easy connection into harness connectors. Set of (4) mini back probes can be used to back probe weather pack style connectors and include adapter to allow easy piercing into wire insulation. Pair of red/black 64" test leads fitted with straight and 90 degree female banana plug receptacles compatible with a variety of meters and probes. Includes plastic storage case.
Electrical Back Probe Kit
Sharp, small diameter probes slide along wire into connector to back probe circuit. No need to disconnect connector and terminal. Kit contains 20 pin-type back probes in five different colors.
20 Piece Back Probe Kit
Use to back probe harness
connectors, fuel injectors
and automotive sensors.
Straight, 45°, and 90°
stainless steel probes,
color coded for easy identification. Insulated body for testing up to 30 volts. Compatible with standard 4mm plug. 12” extension leads with alligator clips great for jumping and completing circuits. Kit includes three probe configurations in five colors and five matching color extension leads. Comes in a plastic case for portability and organization.
13 Piece Deluxe Diagnostic Test Lead Kit
Comprehensive set
of leads, probes
and alligator clips.
1000V CATII, 20A fully
insulated alligator clips
with extra wide jaw
opening. Extra-long
144” banana plug lead
for more versatility.
Slim XEL piercing
hooks with T-handle. Includes (2) insulation-piercing hooks, (2) test probes, (2) insulated alligator clips, (2) heavy-duty alligator clips, (2) 18” test leads, (2) 48” test leads and (1) 144” banana plug lead. Made in USA.
1 ES1421
2 ES1425
4 ES618
2 ES619
Test Lead Set, Red/Black, 64” Length
Back Probe Pins, 1.5" Flexible Silicon
Mini Back Probes w/ Piercing Adapters
Piercing Clips, Red/Black, Screw-Down
            Professional Automotive Test Lead Set
Versatile set of interchangeable test probes designed for automotive electrical applications. Flexible silicon back probe pins slide easily into automotive connectors. Plunger style insulation piercing clips with insulated jaws. Large, shielded crocodile clips. Test probes with tip insulators. Double-insulated 64" test leads. Roll up storage pouch keeps leads organized.
Assorted Back Probe Kit
Provides technician with
an assortment of back
probe pins which allows the technician access to the
back probe circuit without
any obstructions. Kit
includes: ten straight pins,
five 90 degree pins, and five
45 degree pins in five different colors.
1 EZ31R/B
1 EZ8016R/B
1 EZ9468R/B
1 EZ982018RED
1 EZ982048RED
1 EZ9183144BLK
1 EZ982018BLK
1 EZ982048BLK
Pin Tip Probe with Banana Socket (Set Red/Black)
Alligator Clip to Banana Socket, Adapter (Set Red/Black)
LG Ins. Alligator Clip, Shrouded Banana Socket (Set Red/Black)
18" Test Leads,18 AWG PVC (Red)
48" Test Leads,18 AWG PVC (Red)
144" Banana Plug Jumper, 18 AWG PVC Test Lead (Black)
XEL Macro-Hook, T-Handle (Set Red/Black)
18" Test Leads,18 AWG PVC (Black)
48" Test Leads,18 AWG PVC (Black)
            Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 429

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