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Uni Extender
Loosens tight connection on hard-to-reach areas. Fits perfect
for spanners and wrenches. Tool also fits Allen key wrenches, TX wrenches and XZN wrenches. Length: 340mm, Max: SW24 / 24mm
Cornwell® Magnetic Wrench Racks
Durable, unique magnetic wrench rack with a magnetic bottom. Holds the rack in place inside your tool box to avoid wrenches from falling
out of place. Includes adjustable magnetic holders to organize any style/size wrench in your tool box. Made of aluminum.
ECWRHLDR Replacement Holder
ECWR7 | 7 Wrenches ECWR10 | 10 Wrenches
Pliers/Wrench Rac
Constructed out of plastic. Holds up to 13 tools. Two different slot sizes to accommodate most tools. The front edge also has indentions to hold tools upright. Dimensions: 10- 7/8"W x 7-1/8"D x 1-3/4"H
LS40460 | Black LS40490 | Red
Low Profile Wrench Organizers
These no-slip rails won't move an inch! Perfect fit for all drawers, even the most shallow. All wrenches
can face forward in a uniform row for easy identification of sizes and any missing tools. Comes with (2) forward and (2) reverse configuration rails. Dimensions: 15.7"L x 0.75"H
Standard Wrench Organizers
Professional way to organize wrenches. Made of blue plastic.
| 12 Wrenches | 15 Wrenches
   Inverted Wrench Organizers
Professional way to organize wrenches. Made of blue plastic.
| 12 Wrenches | 15 Wrenches
    Gripper Wrench
Flexible blue material holds tools securely for travel. Space saver folding handle. Mounts easily on a wall.
   WRK10S | WRK15 |
Wrench Organizer
Organizes 76 wrenches: 29 Combination wrenches (1/4" to 1" and 6mm to 20mm);
24 Allen wrenches; 20
miniature wrenches;
and 3 flare nut
wrenches. Base can
be modified to fit any smaller tool
chest. Made of a durable plastic material. Outer dimensions: 16" x 22"
10 Stubby Wrenches 15 Wrenches
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