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1/2 Gallon Grip Clean Soap (2/Pk)
Grip Clean all natural heavy duty hand soap in a large half gallon container (sold in a 2 pack) with dispensing pump. The world's only DIRT infused soap with all natural ingredients that are guaranteed not to dry or crack your skin EVER. Dirt powered formula absorbs grease and toxins from
your skin without the need for harsh chemicals or sol􏰀ents. 􏰁ust add water, lather, and rinse clean.
Kresto® Cherry Hand Cleaner
1/2 gallon pump top bottle. Quickly cleans heavy dirt, grease, grime and oil. Cherry scent eliminates odors on hands leaving them fresh and clean. Keeps skin and hands healthy under tough conditions. Formulated for optimum skin compatibility and maximum cleaning ability. Comes as a package of (4) 1/2 gallon bottles.
Scrubs® Hand Cleaner Towels
Scrubs® are a premoistened hand cleaner towel that goes wherever you go! No water needed. One-step cleaning process! Deep-cleaning scrubbers remove paint and embedded soil easily. Will not re-transfer paint and soil back to hands. Residue free. Silicone free. Bucket of 72.
Hand Cleaner
Extra Heavy Duty cleaning of grease, oil, ink, and carbon black. Contains
all natural, biodegradable walnut
shell scrubbers. Very good skin compatibility, gentle to the skin. Four 1/2 gallon bottles per case. Controlled dispensing. No dispenser needed.
KrestoGTTM Cherry Scrubbing Wipes (6/Pk.)
Dual sided scrubber towels remove the toughest dirt, grease, grime, sealants
and adhesives, yet is kind to hands and tools. Fresh cherry scent helps neutralize petroleum odor on hands, leaving them fresh and clean. VOC/CARB compliant. Comes as a package of (6) 70 count canisters.
Soap with Built-in Scrubber
􏰂erformance grade hand cleaner. The hand soap with the built-in scrubber. 􏰄crubbing and sudsing are now done in one easy process. 􏰅 special industrial scrubbing pad
is combined into each bar of soap. 􏰆leans 􏰇􏰈 times more effectively than standard bars of soap. 􏰉 o􏰊. bars. 􏰋ach display box contains twenty-four bars.
  See page 640 for safety warnings.

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