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1/4” Electric Premium Tank Drain
  No more crawling
under the compressor
tank to manually open
the tank drain. The
drain can be adjusted
to open and expel
water from 1 to 60
minute intervals and
the drain time (time the drain stays open draining water) can be adjusted from 1 to 30 seconds. Electric drain comes with a Y strainer which protects the drain by trapping any debris. Includes: 6 ft. power cord and manual override
1/4” Electric Tank Drain
UL and CE approved. Includes protective caps and o-rings for added protection and tamper resistance. IP 65/NEMA 4 Protection. Interval Time: 0.05 - 45 min. adjustable. Discharge Time: 0.05 - 10 seconds adjustable. Manual override. LED power indicator. Forged brass valve body. 6 ft. power cord. 1 year warranty. 2.5 gpm discharge rate.
1/2” Filter/Regulator w/ Gauge
􏰀utput performance e􏰁ual to an indi􏰂idual filter and regulator. Reduced pressure outputs of 5-125 psig. Equipped with Sintered Bronze elements. Manufactured to withstand various chemicals and will not collapse like most polypropylene/ plastic elements.
Painter Air System
􏰃lip 􏰄ir􏰅 the painters helper eliminates bulky hea􏰂y air hose, regulator and filter on your spray gun or air tool. Clip Air clips directly onto your belt with the regulator and mini-desiccant dryer self-contained in the unit. This allows the shop hose to
be connected directly to the Clip Air (out of the work area). 3/8” dia. x 6-1/2 ft. lead hose connects to your spray gun or air tool to prevent work surface damage. It also reduces fatigue by eliminating excess weight.
1/2” Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Kit
Gauge included. Filter/Regulator/Lubricator. Pipe Size: 1/2”. Max. Flow SCFM: 100. Bowl Capacity: 6 oz. Bowl Type: Metal Bowl. Drain: Manual. Operating Temp. Range: 40° - 160° F. Max. Pressure: 250 psig.
Mini Disposable Desiccant
Ideal for spray guns (point-of-
use). 40 micron, porous bronze
element remo􏰂es fine dirt
particles, as oil removing media
removes oil vapor and desiccant beads adsorb the water vapor. Attaches directly to spray gun or mini regulator located on spray gun. Unit is bi-directional with 1/4” NPT. Blue desiccant beads lower the dew point to -40° F and remove all water 􏰂apor. 􏰆ead color turns pink when it is time to replace filter􏰇dryer. 􏰈a􏰉 Flow􏰅 􏰊􏰋 SCFM. Max. Working Pressure: 125 PSI.
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