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FWD Wheel Bearing Adapter Kit
For use on front wheel dri􏰅e cars
and light trucks. 􏰆he wheel bearing adapters allow the user to replace the wheel bearings with the steering knuckle and strut assembly intact on the vehicle. Eliminates the need for a front end alignment once completed.
3/8” Seal Puller
􏰊se with 􏰋􏰌􏰍􏰎 dri􏰅e for hard􏰂to􏰂reach oil and grease seals. 􏰏imply insert hook behind seal and pull. 􏰆wo hook si􏰐es to fit most oil and grease seals. 􏰑an also be used with a breaker bar for e􏰉tra reach or le􏰅erage. 􏰒f the puller tips wear, resharpen on a grinding wheel.
Universal Inner CV Joint Puller
􏰊se with 􏰃􏰓􏰋􏰔􏰋􏰋􏰕􏰖 slide hammer, 􏰃􏰓􏰗􏰘􏰙􏰍 e􏰉tension, or both.
Bearing Puller
􏰓hen working space is limited, this type of puller is needed to remo􏰅e flywheel pilot bearings from automobiles, trucks, and tractors. 􏰃nly 􏰗􏰂􏰕􏰌􏰚􏰎 long. 􏰑an be used to pull bearings or bushings from generators and starters. 􏰒ncludes 􏰕􏰌􏰚􏰎 to 􏰕􏰂􏰕􏰌􏰔􏰎 􏰛􏰕􏰋􏰂􏰋􏰚􏰀􏰀􏰜 􏰒.D. capacity 􏰈aws.
HR311 Yoke
HR312 Body
HR313 Center Screw with Handle HR316 Jaws
Heavy Duty U-Joint Puller
􏰆his hea􏰅y duty tool is used to remo􏰅e the 􏰝D 􏰅ehicle dri􏰅eline 􏰊􏰂􏰈oints using an impact wrench up to 􏰕􏰂inch. Disassemble and reassemble 􏰊􏰂􏰈oint cups without heat or hammering. Larger diameter threaded shaft can handle 􏰊􏰂􏰈oints that are se􏰅erly sei􏰐ed and
re􏰇uire higher force to pull and install. 􏰀a􏰈or tool
components are heat treated for improved strength
and durability. 􏰏moother thread allows for a lower,
more consistent effort to rotate shaft. Designed to
fit all 􏰑lass 􏰗 and 􏰍 trucks, including a wide 􏰅ariety of dri􏰅elines from 􏰏picer and 􏰀eritor, making shop operations more efficient and reducing cost. 􏰑ompatible with􏰞 􏰏picer 􏰕􏰟􏰕􏰙, 􏰕􏰗􏰕􏰙, 􏰕􏰗􏰟􏰙, 􏰕􏰍􏰕􏰙, 􏰕􏰍􏰍􏰙, 􏰏picer 􏰏􏰄L 􏰕􏰔􏰙, 􏰕􏰗􏰙, 􏰚􏰘􏰙 Life 􏰏eries, 􏰀eritor 􏰕􏰟􏰠, 􏰕􏰗􏰠, 􏰕􏰍􏰠, 􏰕􏰗􏰕􏰙, 􏰡􏰄L 􏰚􏰙, and 􏰚􏰘 􏰄ermalube 􏰏eries.
Heavy Duty U-Joint Puller
􏰖 hea􏰅y duty solution for disassembling e􏰅en the most sei􏰐ed stubborn 􏰊􏰂􏰈oints in minutes on 􏰅irtually all 􏰑lass 􏰗 and 􏰍 trucks and machinery. 􏰢ngineered for use with up to a 􏰕􏰎 impact tool. 􏰢liminates dangerous vice and socket, or hammering removal methods. Does not damage the dri􏰅eshaft, yokes, 􏰈oints or bearing cups. 􏰃ne piece unit without bolts, cables, or assembly re􏰇uired. 􏰖pplications􏰞 􏰊􏰂􏰣oints with bearing cups 􏰕.􏰘􏰎 to 􏰚.􏰚􏰎 􏰃.D. 􏰏picer 􏰕􏰟􏰕􏰙, 􏰕􏰗􏰕􏰙, 􏰕􏰗􏰟􏰙, 􏰕􏰍􏰕􏰙, 􏰕􏰍􏰍􏰙 􏰏eries. 􏰏picer 􏰏􏰄L 􏰕􏰔􏰙, 􏰕􏰗􏰙, 􏰤 􏰚􏰘􏰙 Life 􏰏eries. 􏰀eritor 􏰛􏰡ockwell􏰜 􏰕􏰟􏰠, 􏰕􏰗􏰠, 􏰕􏰍􏰠, 􏰕􏰗􏰕􏰙 􏰏eries. 􏰀eritor 􏰡􏰄L 􏰚􏰙, 􏰚􏰘 􏰄ermalube 􏰏eries.
Automotive U-Joint Puller
For disassembling e􏰅en the most sei􏰐ed 􏰊􏰂􏰈oints in minutes on 􏰅irtually all cars, light􏰂duty trucks and farm machinery. 􏰀anufactured from high􏰂grade materials for strength and durability. 􏰢liminates dangerous 􏰅ice􏰂and􏰂socket or hammering methods. 􏰡educes risk of damage to the dri􏰅e shaft, yokes, 􏰈oints or bearing cups.
       See page 640 for safety warnings.
􏰀echanical 􏰁rip􏰂􏰃􏰂􏰀atic® 􏰄ullers remo􏰅e and install parts for fast, effecti􏰅e repairs. 􏰆he pullers are forged from 􏰇uality steel, heat treated, and sub􏰈ected to rigorous tests which e􏰉ceed their rated capacity.
2-Ton, 2/3-Jaw Puller (Reversible)
􏰀a􏰉imum reach􏰞 􏰋􏰂􏰕􏰌􏰔􏰎. 􏰀a􏰉imum spread􏰞 􏰔􏰂􏰋􏰌􏰔􏰎. 􏰏crew si􏰐e􏰞 􏰋􏰌􏰍􏰎􏰂􏰚􏰔 􏰉 􏰔􏰂􏰗􏰌􏰍􏰎. 􏰣aw thickness􏰞 􏰊pper 􏰋􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎, Lower 􏰕􏰌􏰍􏰎. 􏰣aw width􏰞 􏰊pper 􏰕􏰌􏰔􏰎, Lower 􏰕􏰌􏰚􏰎.
5-Ton, 2/3-Jaw Puller (Reversible)
􏰀a􏰉imum reach􏰞 􏰋􏰂􏰕􏰌􏰔􏰎. 􏰀a􏰉imum spread􏰞 􏰗􏰎. 􏰏crew si􏰐e􏰞 􏰥􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎􏰂􏰚􏰙
􏰉 􏰟􏰂􏰕􏰘􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎. 􏰣aw thickness􏰞 􏰊pper 􏰘􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎, Lower 􏰕􏰌􏰔􏰎. 􏰣aw width􏰞 􏰊pper 􏰋􏰌􏰍􏰎, Lower 􏰋􏰌􏰔􏰎.
5-Ton, Long 2/3-Jaw Puller (Reversible)
􏰀a􏰉imum reach􏰞 􏰘􏰂􏰕􏰌􏰚􏰎. 􏰀a􏰉imum spread􏰞 􏰗􏰎. 􏰏crew si􏰐e􏰞 􏰥􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎􏰂􏰚􏰙
􏰉 􏰟􏰂􏰕􏰘􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎. 􏰣aw thickness􏰞 􏰊pper 􏰘􏰌􏰕􏰟􏰎, Lower 􏰕􏰌􏰔􏰎. 􏰣aw width􏰞 􏰊pper 􏰋􏰌􏰍􏰎, Lower 􏰋􏰌􏰔􏰎.

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