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Fluid Extractor
􏰀as a fluid capacity of up to 􏰁 o􏰂. 􏰃􏰄􏰅􏰅cc􏰆 and is ideal for remo􏰇ing used fluids from master cylinders, transa􏰈les, and power steering and coolant reser􏰇oirs prior to bleeding, fluid changes or repairs. Featuring a 􏰁.􏰉􏰊 􏰃􏰋􏰌􏰅􏰍􏰍􏰆 fle􏰈ible tube with non􏰎drip cap. Lightweight, streamlined design enables access into tight spaces. 􏰏ool is easy to clean, and the hose and seal are simple to replace.
1.5L Fluid Extractor
Power Steering EVAC Kit
Used to evacuate air from the power steering system after ser􏰇ice work has been completed. 􏰡ncludes large tapered stopper, small tapered stopper, graduated catch can,
two lids, tubing and three brake bleeder adapters. 􏰘se with 􏰇acuum pump. 􏰢an also be used on clutch reser􏰇oirs and brakes.
Quickflow Transmission Refill Adaptor Kit
  􏰐 simple􏰎to􏰎use, syringe􏰎action tool that features a large, 􏰋.􏰉􏰎liter fluid reser􏰇oir, a twist􏰎􏰇al􏰇e and a dual􏰎seal piston. 􏰑ther features include a clear 􏰋􏰒􏰓 hose, marked cylinder with fluid le􏰇els and an integrated stand to pre􏰇ent rolling. 􏰔er􏰇ice uses include􏰕 􏰖uid transfer from master cylinders, power steering 􏰖uid reser􏰇oirs, transa􏰈les, coolant reser􏰇oirs, diesel fuel filters and cylinders. 􏰐 rubber 􏰐􏰏F adaptor connector is included in the packaging.
Fluid Transfer/ Extractor Pump
􏰜uickly remo􏰇es transmission oil
from automatic transmissions
that are o􏰇er filled. 􏰐lso
works great for adding oil to
differentials. 􏰏ranslucent 􏰋.􏰋
􏰜uart 􏰝􏰋.􏰋 Liter capacity cylinder
body is marked in both english and metric. 􏰡ncludes two 􏰇al􏰇es􏰨 a shut off 􏰇al􏰇e for transferring fluids and a siphon 􏰇al􏰇e with intake and discharge hoses, ideal for remo􏰇ing anti􏰎free􏰂e. Disassembles for easy cleaning, enabling use with multiple fluids. High quality Viton® seals stand up to caustic fluids.
QuickFlow Pump
Use your cordless drill to pump
most all fluid types. High strength
fiberglass reinforced nylon
housings. 􏰗􏰈treme chemical
resistance. 􏰘ni􏰇ersal adaptor with
rubber mounting strap allows all
drill si􏰂es to be 􏰙uickly mounted
to the pump. Gears molded to
steel shafts running in brass
bushings allows pump to be run
at up to 􏰋,􏰉􏰅􏰅 􏰚􏰛􏰍 for e􏰈tended
runtimes. 􏰜uick connect couplers
for hose interchange and storage. 􏰋􏰝􏰞􏰓 he􏰈 to 􏰟􏰝􏰠􏰓 dri􏰇e drill adaptor included.
Kit contains adaptors required
to refill many sealed automatic
transmissions and adaptors used
in con􏰣unction with a 􏰙uickflow drill pump. 􏰜uick connect fittings 􏰎 􏰛ressure hose and adaptors ha􏰇e 􏰙uick connect fittings for easy interchange. 􏰐daptors are made from lightweight, high strength composite material with high chemical resistance. High impact resistance prevents damage to adaptor thread if dropped.
Vacuum/Pressure Pump Kit
􏰛ump produces 􏰇acuum along with pressure for a 􏰇ariety of 􏰇ehicle ser􏰇ice applications. 􏰛inned connection allows 􏰟􏰒􏰅􏰤 gauge rotation for e􏰈cellent 􏰇isibility. 􏰚otating knob switches between 􏰇acuum and pressure. 􏰑ne finger le􏰇er􏰎action 􏰇acuum􏰝pressure release. 􏰛i􏰇oting le􏰇er action ma􏰈imi􏰂es output with minimal effort. 􏰢ompound scale displays 􏰇acuum or pressure. Durable, accurate gearless diaphragm style gauge. 􏰛owerful in􏰎line piston design. Durable die cast metal construction. 􏰛ro􏰇ides either 􏰇acuum or pressure with e􏰙ual precision and con􏰇enience. Features modern, ergonomic design for comfortable, long􏰎term
use. 􏰛erforms engine performance diagnostics, brake bleeding, fluid transfer, e􏰇acuation, sampling, windshield repair and more. 􏰢ommon applications include emission control systems 􏰃􏰗􏰥􏰚, 􏰚􏰢􏰦, 􏰧􏰛􏰦􏰆 testing, turbocharger wastegate testing, 􏰇acuum and pressure brake and hydraulic clutch bleeding, ignition system diagnostics, fluid transfer􏰝e􏰇acuation, cooling system pressure testing, and automatic transmission service.
   See page 640 for safety warnings.
Vacuum Gauge (old style) Vacuum Gauge (new style) Power Steering Evacuator Plug Reservoir Jar and Lid SilverlineTM Maintenance Kit

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