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Fluid Evacuator
􏰀acuum is created 􏰁uickly and efficiently by manual pump operation, offering superior mobility by eliminating the need for electricity or compressed air. Ideal for draining fluids from reservoirs on boats, 􏰂􏰀s, 􏰃􏰄􏰀s, snowmobiles, farm e􏰁uipment
or motorcycles. Includes accessories for draining engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tubes. 􏰅on􏰆enient manual pump operation. Integrated 1.9 gallon (7.3 liter) capacity reservoir. Large base with foot stabili􏰇er. Durable, chemical􏰈 resistant polyethylene construction. 􏰃utomatic o􏰆erflow pre􏰆ention. 􏰉uick􏰈drain pour spout. 􏰊a􏰋imum operating temperature􏰌 􏰍􏰎􏰏􏰐F 􏰑􏰒􏰓􏰐􏰅􏰔. Dimensions􏰌 􏰕􏰏􏰖􏰗 􏰋 􏰎.􏰏􏰖 Diameter. 􏰘ncludes􏰌 fluid e􏰆acuator, 􏰓.􏰕􏰙􏰖 􏰚D 􏰋 􏰏􏰛 long dipstick tube, 􏰓.􏰕􏰜􏰖 􏰚D 􏰋 􏰏􏰛 long dipstick tube, 􏰓.􏰝􏰍􏰖 􏰚D 􏰋 􏰏􏰛 long main e􏰆acuation tube, tube adapters, multilingual user manual.
Fluid Transfer Pump
􏰟ro􏰆ides a clean, 􏰁uick, no􏰈hassle method of transferring or
including engine oil, coolants and transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tube. 􏰟ump is small and lightweight. 􏰅omes with accessories re􏰁uired for fluid transfer􏰞e􏰆acuation or inflation. Durable polyethylene construction won􏰠t rust or corrode. 􏰘ncludes􏰌 hand pump with intake and disharge ports, 􏰑􏰕􏰔 intake􏰞 discharge hoses, 􏰑􏰕􏰔 intake􏰞discharge hose connectors, and an in􏰈line reducer.
Fluid Evacuator Plus
􏰃t the push of a button, this 􏰆ersatile unit changes from vacuum to pressure for evacuating or dispensing fluids, making it ideal for draining tanks or reser􏰆oirs then pumping the used fluid back out for easy disposal.
PneumatiVacTM Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator
􏰚perates on compressed air to create a powerful venturi vacuum for draining fluids from tanks and reser􏰆oirs. 􏰘ncludes fluid e􏰆acuator, two dipstick tubes, main e􏰆acuation tube, brake􏰞clutch bleeding adapter kit, tube adapters, and multilingual instruction manual.
e􏰆acuating 􏰆irtually any non􏰈􏰆olatile fluid
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