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Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Flexible head design assists in the removal of stubborn oxygen sensors that are 7/8” in diameter, a common size to most vehicles. Features allow extensions or wrenches to apply force in tight areas, even on seized components. Pivots to allow more angles of placement.
EGT Sensor Socket Set
Designed to remove exhaust temperature sensors. Drives all 6 sides of the hex equally to reduce the chance of damage. The 3 different sizes and two different styles will remove most if not all EGT sensors used on cars, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks on the road today.
Spline Drive O2 Sensor Wrench, 6 & 12 Point
This versatile 22MM wrench has been designed for use on most oxygen sensors with electrical connectors of any size. Offers maximum accessibility in hard-to- reach areas with the 12-point Spline Grip DriveTM, providing optimal engagement and twice the number of “clock angle” attachment positions. The improved handle allows for e􏰋treme holding power and positi􏰌e le􏰌erage in confined spaces. 􏰃he 6-point Spline Grip DriveTM tackles stubborn sensors that are corroded in place.
22MM Shielded Oxygen & Air Fuel Sensor Socket
Designed to remove and replace
“CAN” type shielded oxygen sensors
and air fuel sensors currently found
on later model vehicles. The depth
and outer diameter of the socket
are critical features, enabling it to fit
in the limited space of the heat shield. Six point tool of forged steel for maximum strength and comes in the 􏰀􏰁 􏰂igh 􏰃ech black finish. 􏰄pplications􏰅 􏰃oyota 􏰆􏰇􏰇􏰈 and later, Lexus 2006 and later, Honda 2006 and later, Acura 2007 and later, Mazda 2006 and later, Hyundai 2006 and later, Kia 2006 and later, Nissan 2007 and later, and 􏰉nfiniti 􏰆􏰇􏰇􏰊 and later.
Spline Drive Short O2 Sensor Wrench, 6 & 12 Point
The ultimate tool that includes a 12
point and 6 point SP Spline Grip DriveTM
wrench to remove oxygen sensors. Less
damage to sensors. The new Spline Grip
DriveTM helps to reduce the possibility
of damaging 􏰍fro􏰎en􏰏in􏰏place􏰐 o􏰋ygen sensors. 􏰄ccess confined areas. 􏰑orks on foreign and domestic 22MM, non-shielded, oxygen sensors.
Super Duty 2-1/8” Offset Oxygen Sensor Wrench, 6 & 12 Point
Includes a 6 point and 12 point
socket to provide the ultimate tool for
remo􏰌ing o􏰋ygen sensors in confined
areas. The 6 point side provides
maximum holding power for oxygen
sensors that are corroded in place. The
12 point side allows twice the number
of “clock angle” attachment positions
for maximum accessibility to remove
o􏰋ygen sensors in difficult areas. Fits
with all configurations of o􏰋ygen sensor wire􏰒connectors.
 13MM EGT Sensor Socket - In Line Crowfoot
 14MM EGT Sensor Socket - In Line Crowfoot
 17MM EGT Sensor Socket - In Line Crowfoot
  13MM EGT Sensor Socket - Offset Crowfoot
  14MM EGT Sensor Socket - Offset Crowfoot
 17MM EGT Sensor Socket - Offset Crowfoot
  Use each tool properly..

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