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12” Plug Starter
Starts spark plug threads without cross threading. Reaches those tough to reach plugs. Bright red color makes it easy to guide the plug accurately
to the hole. Flexible shaft bends and holds any angle. Cap holds most spark plugs and cannot damage the plug.
Remote Starter Switch
Tough, smooth-working, reliable switch. Features heavy gauge, rubber-covered copper wire. Depress button to jog or start the engine.
Remote Starter Switch
Heavy duty, push button design
allows technicians to start and
crank engines from under the
hood. Red ready-light glows when
the starter switch is connected
to a hot circuit. Soft rubber grip. Heavy-duty oil and grease resistant 12 gauge wire. High current clips open to an extra wide 5/8”. Hot circuit indicator lamp.
Spark Plug Terminal Pliers
Safely removes spark plug
cables. Prevents damage to
cables. Handles and jaws are
coated with heavy duty plastic for sure grip.
Spark Indicator
Tests spark plugs, spark plug wires and coils without puncturing the wire. With the engine running, place the grooved end of the tool over the plug wire; bulb will flash to indicate spark.
Spark Plug Wire Puller
Removes spark plug wire boots from plugs. Use in hard-to-reach areas such as recessed and obstructed plugs. Square shaft prevents slipping. Thick plastic handle prevents electric shock and provides greater pulling power.
Spark Plug Wire Removal Pliers
Offset Spark Plug Wires on GM
3.1, 3.4L, 3.8L and Other Engines.
The 5/8" opening of the pliers
properly fits spark plug wire boots
to prevent damage to spark plug
wires. 􏰀ool is 􏰁􏰂 long with offset tip to fit in tight spots.
Double Offset Spark Plug Boot Removal Tool
Used to remove stubborn spark
plug wires. The 5/8” opening of the
pliers properly fits spark plug wire
boots to help prevent damage. Offset
design works great on boots with
heat sleeves found on some GM engines. Easy to use in tight spaces such as rear boots on V6 transverse mounted engines. Pliers can also be used on hoses and for holding other objects.
Spark Plug Wire Puller
Pliers jaws are made to pull spark plug boots from different angles. The double-ended tool also pulls cartridge fuses up to 1” in diameter. 􏰃ade of glass􏰄filled nylon for shock resistance and extra strength.
Adjustable Spark Plug Tool
Pliers jaws adjust to 5 different
positions for easy access
to boots. Specially shaped,
cushioned jaws grip straight on
or from the side. Plastic handle grips help prevent shock. Shipping weight: 12 oz.
Spark Plug Wire Puller
Two pulling positions help make removing spark plug wires a safe and easy job. Specially shaped, cushioned jaws grip the boot straight on or from the side. Plastic handle grips help prevent shock.
Spark Plug Installer/ Remover Set
Set includes 3” and 6” starters. 6” length
is designed for coil-on plug applications
and engines with recessed spark plugs. 3” version is for applications where space is limited. Both tools are made of flexible, heat-resistant plastic to reach into recessed areas or over, under and around hot manifolds. Stepped shaft. Non-slip grip.
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