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Side Battery Lifter
Lifts side terminal and top post terminal batteries, including group 65 batteries. Lightweight but strong. All steel construction. Notched cross-member to prevent slippage. Adjusts to pick up batteries 4-1/2” to 7-1/2” wide. Pads are adhered with super strong adhesive. Non-slip vinyl co􏰅ered insulated handle for firm, comfortable handhold.
4-in-1 Battery Post Cleaner
Clean four different battery connections with one tool. Clean side terminal, marine, Group 31 truck battery posts and cable ends and standard top post. Saves storage space, time and costs while covering all of the above polishing jobs with one tool.
Battery Clamp Spreader
Dual use pliers spread battery
post clamps and tapered, ribbed tips remove corrosion and
build-up from inside the clamp. Tips are made from strong heat-treated steel. Applications: For most popular clamp sizes. Tapered tips provide range and squeezing the handles expands the tips to cover many clamp sizes.
Battery Carrier
Lift and carry batteries safely. Sturdy steel jaws securely hold batteries. Spring-action handle turns lifting power into battery gripping pressure. Form􏰀fitting handle provides a solid gripping surface. Carrier works
on nearly all batteries,
from motorcycles to
boats. Saw-tooth jaw tips
provide no-slip battery gripping power. Carrier grips the battery just below the top lip for good balance. A heavy-duty tool that is built to last. Opens up to 10”.
Battery Filler - Syringe Style
Ideal for all fluids including battery acid. Full 6 oz. capacity with 6” flex spout. Rubber bulb remains pliable in cold weather.
5-3/4" Battery Wrench
Designed for removal of 5/16” GM side terminal battery bolts. Reaches most battery side terminals. Nickel-chrome plated for quality and appearance. Vinyl grip insulated handles. Reversing lever for accessibility. Critical parts are heat-treated to ensure safety and long service. Works on all GM 1994 to present vehicles and on the following cars, but not limited to: W-Body: Buick Regal, Chevrolet Lumina, Pontiac Grand Am and Grand Prix; Oldsmobile Cutlass.
Battery/Welding Cable Crimper
Convenient 14MM bolt head
and 16MM casting hex size is
compact and heat treated for
durability. Crimps up to 0 AWG
cable terminal ends. Designed to service battery cables while still attached to the vehicle, using a common wrench and ratchet. No hammer required.
Slim-line Style Battery Cable Cutter
Prepares battery cable for terminals. Works well on bundled small wires. Cuts soft cable cleanly, with no distortion. 􏰁hin, sharp blades for firm hold. 􏰂round blade guide to minimi􏰃e deflection. 􏰄tandard finish is con􏰅ersion coat black o􏰆ide. Long handles with broad vinyl cushion red grips. Positive fastener (jamb not on joint)
to maintain even pressure on ground inside surface of blades. NOT FOR USE ON STEEL WIRES - cutters bear this caution! Overall length: 7-1/2”; Handle length: 6”; Width: 1-1/4”; Thickness: 3/4”. Weight: 9 oz.; Capacity: 3/0 cable.
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