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Light Ranger MUTT® Trailer Tester
For 7-flat, 6-round and 4/5 flat pin trailer harnesses, the Light Ranger MUTT® simulates all electrical circuits of standard towing vehicles for boating, RV, landscaping, hunting and similar type light duty trailers. Comes with a battery charger and 3-way trailer harness adapter.
Light Socket Brush Kit
Heavy Ranger MUTT® Trailer Tester
A commercial trailer light
and electric brake tester that reduces guesswork and saves time by powering each trailer electrical circuit in 7-way round pin arrangements. Allows for proper 􏰀erification of wiring configuration, ground integrity, short circuit and overload conditions, along with electric brake operation and turn signal simulation.
   Designed to clean the entire surface area with one pass. The brush features a special tufted end which scrapes both the side and bottom walls, removing corrosion and debris from all contact areas. Brass and stainless steel. Ergonomic handle. Bonus DeoxIT® and SwabEez® contact cleaning included. Applications: 1157 Light Bulb Sockets, 5/8” - 3/4” Bores. Includes: Brass and stainless steel brushes, 2ml DeoxIT® Cleaner, and SwabEez® Assortment
Diagnostic Relay Buddy® 12/24
A stand alone quick go/no-go tester for the most common automotive relays. Tests both 12 and 24 volt relays. Three different trouble codes to advise of the possible causes for a failed relay. Settable for 4 and 5 pin relay. Uses vehicle battery for power. Includes zippered carrying case.
12/24V Relay Buddy® Pro Test Kit
Includes 5 adapters for expanded relay testing. Three diagnostic trouble codes help define the cause of the bad relay. Quick off-the-car relay tester. Checks relay coil and switch contacts - Fails bad relays. Automatic test with Good/Bad indication.
Relay Circuit Tester
Works on 12 or 24 volt systems. Used to test relay circuits in late model vehicles. Identify the problem in a circuit in seconds without the use of a multimeter. Can jump the relay for compression testing A/C recharge, etc. Includes six
of the most popular relay adapters plus
a uni􏰀ersal to configure your own. 􏰁uts diagnostic time on relay related problems by up to 75%. Instructions included.
Relay Pliers
For removing electrical relays
on most domestic and import
vehicles. Offset handle and
thin tips allow access to relays
in confined areas. 􏰂pecifically
designed tips are angled to fit
slots or edge of relay cover, which
allows relay to pop free from socket with less chance of damaging the relay. Also works on many heavy-duty and industrial applications.
     Use each tool properly..

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