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Hammer Indent Crimping Tool
Place end wire in crimping area; release crimping pin, then use hammer or vise on crimping pin. Spring loaded pin. Compact and lightweight. 8 gauge to 4/0 AWG. Made from cast steel. Weight: 2 lbs.
Portable Wire Crimping Tool
Does a 3-point crimp all at one time and crimps up to
4 AWG cables. Small, hand held crimper for tight work
areas. Can be held with a 3/8” extension or ratchet, as
well as a 19MM or 3/4” open end wrench. Ratchet the
movable crimping head down onto the 12-point base to
make a 3-point crimp. Can be used with a 3/8” impact
battery drill for heavy duty wire up to 4 gauge. Can be
held in a vise for bench work. Adjustable wrench holding
slot on back of tool. Convenient 3/8” drive holding
fi􏰀tures on top and bottom. 􏰁ortable, durable and
compact. 􏰂o need for a hammer. 􏰃reat for installing stereos. 􏰄ardened fine thread drive screw for precise crimps.
ECB7946B Replacement Bolt ECB7946BH Replacement Crimper Head
4-in-1 Crimper Tool Set
Compact 7” design can be used four ways: Gripping nose - to pull, twist, bend, and shape; Crimper
- crimps 12-20 AWG insulated and non-insulated wire; Stripper
- strips 12-20 AWG wire; Cutter - ability to make cuts below pivot. Angled feature allows access
to close quarters and facilitates superior crimps.
Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Kit
Versatile kit includes 5 dies for virtually all uses. Die sets quickly interchange for a wide range of applications. Crimping tool has a steel frame with contoured grips. Supplied in a durable, plastic molded storage case with carrying handle.
Ratcheting Terminal Crimper
Ratcheting action ensures a perfect
crimp every time. Eliminates
damaged or distorted terminals. Crimps 10-22 gage insulated terminals. Superior design and construction outperforms other crimpers. Die is not changeable.
Ratcheting Weatherpack Terminal Crimper
For most Weatherpack terminals
and non-insulated open barrel connectors 22-10 AWG. Ensures a perfect crimp every time. Crimping tool has a steel frame with contoured grips. Can be used with die sets found in TE18920 Ratcheting Terminal Crimper Kit. Interchangeable with the crimper in the TE18920 set (only difference is the handle color).
Terminal Tool for GM C3 Systems
Designed to remove wires from
terminals without damage to either
on Pack-Con and Weather-Pack
terminals on GM C3 systems. Six
tools in one - Flat blade to open
connectors, Fork blade for ALDL connectors, three different rectangular blades for Pack-Con terminals, and spring-loaded tube for Weather-Pack terminals. Can also retrieve trouble codes from engine computer on late model GM vehicles.
Deutsch Terminal Tool
Works on OEM electrical connectors used on trucks and equipment such
as Caterpillar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Mack and more. Also used on some Harley-Davidson connectors. Slotted tubes are made out of stainless steel which work and last longer than plastic disconnect tools.
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4-in-1 Angled Wire Tool
4-in-1 Straight Wire Tool
Electrical Connector Separator
Quickly disconnects electrical connectors without damage. Engage the
tool tip behind the connector clip. Push or Pull to disconnect. The tool is doubled􏰅ended to fit different access angles. 􏰆orks on 􏰆eather 􏰁ack and other automotive electrical connectors.
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