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Temperature Probe
Replacement temperature probe for ESC585M, CBPDM15, CBPDM20, CBPDM25.
Power/Ground Outlet
Provides an electrical ground and power source from the vehicle. Plugs into cigarette lighter or power accessory receptacle for
Electrical Back Probe Kit
Sharp, small diameter probes slide along wire into connector to back probe circuit. No need to disconnect connector and terminal. Kit contains 20 pin-type back probes in fi􏰁e different colors.
  a ground and a power source on
the dash. Plug light will come on
to signal that it is connected and that both power and ground are available at the posts. Connect to the positive (+) terminal for power. For electrical ground, attach ground wire from instrument to be grounded to the negative (-) terminal.
LS26270 Repl. Bulb
Back Probe Pack
High visibility yellow, red, blue and green .028” O.D. back probe pins are perfect for connecting to fuel injectors, MAP and TPS sensors, as well as any weather pack seal type connectors. Modular design is compatible with any industry- standard, 4MM banana plug test leads.
FINGER SAVER® Wire Piercing Guide
􏰀re􏰁ents stabbing finger
when using automotive circuit
testers. Quickly, easily and
safely guides the pick point of
any circuit tester in the center
of all primary automotive electrical wire. Holds circuit tester in position allowing technician to work hands free. Impervious to gasoline, oil, thinners and other shop chemicals. Stores on ground wire of circuit tester.
Assorted Back Probe Kit
Provides technician with
an assortment of back
probe pins which allows
the technician access
to the back probe circuit
without any obstructions. Kit
includes: ten straight pins,
fi􏰁e 􏰂􏰃 degree pins, and fi􏰁e 􏰄􏰅 degree pins in fi􏰁e different colors.
   See page 640 for safety warnings.
20 Piece Back Probe Kit
Use to back probe harness connectors, fuel injectors and automotive sensors. Straight, 45°, and 90° stainless steel probes in .027” and .040” diameters. Color coded for easy identification. 􏰆nsulated body for testing up to 􏰇􏰃 􏰁olts. 􏰈ompatible with standard 4MM plug. 12” extension leads quickly plug in to permit testing in recessed areas. Probes easily insert into automotive connectors. Kit includes three probe configurations in fi􏰁e colors and fi􏰁e matching color e􏰉tension leads. 􏰈omes in a plastic case for portability and easy organization of components.

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