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Test Lead Set
Set of red/black test leads 64” in length. Fitted with straight female banana plug receptacles for use with other accessory test probes found in most test lead kits.
10 Ft. Test Leads
Extra long test leads at 10 feet, allows expanded applications and longer reach. Alligator clips screw on and off for more secure connection. Works with most D􏰀􏰀s in the field 􏰁 ma􏰂 10 amps.
16 Piece Spade Terminal Test Lead Set
Covers 7 types and 4 sizes of
male and female spade terminals.
Test circuits via fuse panel,
distribution box, harness connectors
and more. Works with multimeters
and digital oscilloscopes. Includes
2-qty 48” stacking banana plug leads; male spade sizes (2 ea.): 1.0MM, 2.2MM, 2.8MM, 4.8MM; female spade sizes (2 ea.): 2.2MM, 3.0MM, 7.7MM. Also includes storage case with section dividers.
Test Lead Set
Versatile leads; interchangeable
tips; work with other probe tips too.
Recommended for automotive,
electrical and HVAC applications.
Set consists of silicone-insulated
test leads (1 red, 1 black),
stainless-steel industrial test
probes (1 red, 1 black) and industrial alligator clips (1 red, 1 black). 63” (1.6M), 1000V, 10A maximum rating. Shrouded right-angle connectors.
Hardpoint Test Lead Set
Extremely hard alloy tips resist wear. Distinctive comfort grip probes. Economical PVC insulated leads. CAT III, 1000V, 10A; CAT IV, 600V, 10A. 1 red and 1 black, 48” (1.2M).
Fuse Saver Kit
3 resetting breaker handles 10, 15, and 20 amps. Color matching handles for easy identification. Dual type
fuse box connector with 10 ft. cord. Find short circuits FAST! Install radios, CD player, radar detectors
and other accessory equipment with ease. Allows you to move around
the vehicle and shake testing wires while looking for the short. No more overheating fuse boxes. Made in
the USA. Comes in a blow-molded storage case.
Test Probe Kit
Provides a better way to check circuitry with a circuit tester or meter. The probes are designed to be used on popular Weather- Pack, Metri-Pack and Micro-Pack style connectors. Kit includes: 14 flexible test probes, long straight probe, piercing back probe, crocodile clip, 4MM circuit tester adapter and Deutsch spooned probe
Test Lead Kit
Complete test lead kit for
electrical or electronic
applications. Interchangeable
probes permit wider range of
testing possibilities. These are
compatible with most DMM’s
and scopes. Comes with roll up
storage pouch to keep your leads
organized. Kit includes: 43” long
4MM banana test leads, test
probes, long back probes, safety
test probes, crocodile clips, 4MM female to 4MM female adaptor, 4MM male to 4MM female adaptor, 4MM plug to small gator clip and 4MM female plug
Twin 5 Ft. Jumper Leads
High visibility black and red leads stretch to over 5 feet in length. Superior memory retention and resistance to grease and oil. Coil cords constructed from high quality polyurethane.
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