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Low Amps Adapter
Use with a graphing meter
or lab scope to view current waveforms on fuel injectors, fuel pumps, primary ignition coils and digital multimeters. Resolution of 10 milliamps is low enough for most parasitic drain testing. Jaw opening of 1/2” clamps over most negative battery cables. Low battery indication, auto power-off. DC Amps: 0-20A, 0-80A (resolution .01A); AC Amps: 0-20A, 0-80A (resolution .01A).
88V Automotive Meter Combo Kit
Includes: 88V multimeter, silicone test leads, long reach alligator clips, test probes, inductive RPM pick-up, magnet and strap, temperature probe, two automotive backprobe pins, insulation piercing probe, durable carrying case, holster, 9V battery (installed).
Deluxe Automotive Meter
Professional grade tool used for diagnosing electrical, computer and engine problems on any vehicle. 45 test ranges, 14 test functions. Analog bargraph display and large digital display. 10 Meg/Ohm input impedance. Fuse protected safety leads and jacks. 30 amp Fuse Buddy Adapter Adapts a DMM to plug directly into mini fuse socket and allows circuit amperage draw to be read on the DMM. Original fuse is replaced in-line during testing, maintaining circuit protection. Makes circuit testing easier since the Fuse Buddy adapter end is shaped like a fuse. Ideal for electrical troubleshooting at the fuse box. Also used to measure all circuit draws up to 20 amps Can even be used to test parasitic drains (battery drains). Measuring range is determined by DMM - most DMM’s have a 10 amp or 20 amp test range. Measuring Capability: 0 - 20 amps/ 48V DC or AC.
 ES621 ES625
10A Replacement Fuse .5A Replacement Fuse
Pro Laser Phototach
Ideal tool for easy and accurate measurement of RPM. Aim the laser beam at a reflective mark placed on a rotating device, push the button and the RPM reading is immediately displayed. Can detect RPM from longer distances of up to 6 feet away. Can be used to measure RPM on coil-on-
plug and diesel engines, as well
as generators, compressors,
industrial engines, fans, gears and
more. Includes zippered case, reflective tape, instructions and 9V battery. Test Range: 0 - 99,999 RPM in 1 RPM increments. Display: 5 digit LCD with backlighting.
Premium Low Current Clamp Meter
Large 19MM (.75”) clamp size can clamp over larger ground cables and some multiground cable systems. TrueRms accuracy. Excellent ZERO function. Accurate measurements down to 1mA (.001A). 5,000 count backlit LCD display with analog bargraph. Peak MIN/ MAX function. Standard MIN/MAX function. CATIII 600 Volts safety rating. Built-in temperature - Farenheit and Celsius. Applications: automotive, heavy duty, marine, RV, equipment. Great tool for parasitic drain testing.
FM80BKA FM803293 FM943121 FMAC285 FMRPM80 FMTL224 FMTP220
Temperature Probe
11A Fuse
.440A Fuse
Long Reach Alligator Clips Inductive Pick-Up
1.5M Test Leads Removable Test Probes
CAT-IV 600V Automotive Digital Multimeter
Measures AC/DC voltage
and current (from .001amps
to 10 amps), resistance (up
to 60M Ohms), frequency,
duty cycle, true-RMS,
temperature (from -4Fo to
1832Fo) and capacitance.
Features: Data hold, Min/
Max capture, relative measurement, diode/continuity tester. Large LCD screen with bright backlight. Perfect for automotive use with loud indication tones, 15 min auto-off function, rugged rubberized housing. Includes: 5 ft. CAT-IV 600V test leads, alligator clip attachments, K-Type temperature probe, magnetic holding strap, spare fuses, 3 AAA batteries.
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