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blueSMOKE 2
New improved smoke engine generates more smoke while containing the smoke generating oil in a spill proof, leak proof container. Multi-functional: EVAP system, exhaust system, EGR valves, manifolds, catalytic converters, vacuum leaks, brake booster, oil leaks, air and water leaks, and much more! Dual mode: smoke and air. Built-in visual air pressure monitoring and control. Built-in flow meter determines the leak amount as small as 0.010”. Built-in visual flow control (smoke). Visual monitoring of fuel gauge (baby oil/mineral oil) level. Fixed air pressure rate (1.5L/M) to not harm the EVAP system. 12 volt clamps attach to the car’s battery. Comes with all necessary accessories in a durable plastic case; includes plugs, Schrader® tool, hose, halogen light and a hook.
Diagnostic Leak Detector with Flow Meter
OEM Approved diagnostic leak detector helps detect, locate, and repair leaks in sealed systems. Tests EVAP, intake, exhaust and more. New flow meter locates leaks down to .􏰆􏰇􏰆􏰈. 􏰉ompound pressure gauge and decay feature 􏰊erifies repairs are complete. Made of professional grade billet aluminum. Includes: Diagnostic Leak Detector, vapor producing fluid, halogen inspection light, EVAP service port tool, EVAP Schrader valve removal tool, cap plug kit, exhaust cone adaptor, training DVD and plastic accessory case
Exhaust Cone & Gas Tank Filler Neck Adapter
Fits into exhaust pipes, intake systems and gas tank filler necks for leak testing. 􏰄ni􏰅ue tapered design is able to open filler flap on most capless fuel tanks. Clear inlet hose keeps smoke production visible. Works with any smoke machine.
Bladder Blocker Adapter for Intake, Exhaust & Turbo Systems
Inflatable bladder with vapor pass-through for leak testing intake, exhaust and turbo systems. Works with any smoke machine.
Universal Filler Neck Adapter with Cap-Less Adapter
For hassle-free EVAP testing. Connects to any fuel filler neck in seconds. 􏰉omes with twelve (12) sealing discs and one RL960054 Adapter for Cap-Less Tanks.
EVAP Service Port Adaptor Kit
The service port adaptor connects to the
OBDII service port to allow access to the
EVAP system. Suitable for use with any smoke machine. Includes OBDII service port adaptor and Scrader® valve removal tool.
 PFX501132 PFX501134 PFX501143
Schrader® Port Hose Adaptor Smoke Machine Mineral Oil
4 Pack Scented Mineral Oil
blueSMOKE Air
Find leaks faster and easier with the blueSMOKE Air. Built-in air compressor eliminates the need for shop air supply, making this machine totally portable. The patent-pending ceramic heater creates a thick, high-visibility vapor. Turn vapor production on and off with the push of a button. At only 7.5 lbs, its compact
si􏰀e fits in most tool bo􏰁es. 􏰂uilt􏰃in flow meter displays the si􏰀e of the leak, as small as 0.010”. Easy-to-read pressure gauge and adjustable vapor flow control knob. 􏰄ni􏰅ue cone adapter works on e􏰁haust pipes and certain gas tank filler necks, including some capless designs. Sight glass allows visual monitoring of vapor-producing fluid level. Detachable 12V clamps and smoke hose. Includes: blueSMOKE Air, hook, battery cable/clamps, smoke hose, 3 bottles of medicinal grade mineral oil, flashlight with zoom, 17 cap adapters, EVAP port adapter, valve core remover, premium cone adapter and accessory storage case.
PFX501132 PFX501134 PFX501143
Schrader® Port Hose Adapter Smoke Machine Mineral Oil
4 Pack Scented Mineral Oil
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