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Rechargeable LED Spot Light
Provides a complete and portable high
efficiency 􏰂􏰀􏰃 L􏰄D lighting solution with
brightness from 400 to 2,000 lumens.
Brightness is adjustable to 5 levels: 400
lumens at 20%, 800 lumens at 40%, 1,200 lumens at 60%, 1600 lumens at 80%, 2000 lumens at 100%. Power bank function for recharging devices. Glow-in-the-dark florescent reflector makes lamp easy to find in the dark. Dust and water resistant.
M12TM Compact Flood Light, Bare Tool
Take light anywhere and hang everywhere.
The RoverTM M12TM Compact Flood Light gives
its users the ultimate flood light for on-the-go
use and adapts, performs, and survives to
any work environment its users come across.
Can be used in virtually any workspace with
its compact size and integrated hanging
features like its strong magnets, spring loaded clamp, key hole hanger, and wire hanger. Capable of lighting up a large workspace for extended periods of time, as it pro􏰁ides 􏰅,􏰆􏰆􏰆 lumens of high definition light output in its high mode, 􏰇􏰆􏰆 lumens in medium and 200 lumens of output in low mode. It uses high quality LED with
a neutral white color and a high color rendering index paired with a MilwaukeeTM designed reflector to produce an even beam pattern. Impact and chemical resistant lens. LEDs never need to be replaced and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
M18TM ROVERTM Mounting Flood Light, Bare Tool
The most versatile flood light for any task.
It has two powerful magnets allowing users
to mount light to almost any metal surface.
2” spring loaded clamp gives the user the
ability to fi􏰈 light to piping, dimensional
lumber, jobsite equipment, and cabinetry &
doors. These hanging features are paired
with a folding rotating light head design allowing user to direct the light to their workspace to increase productivity. Puts out 1500 lumens of high quality light and runs up to 20 hours with a M18TM XC 5.0 battery pack (not included) giving users a powerful flood spread and all day runtime. Impact resistant up to 9 ft. High quality LEDs never need to be replaced and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
M18TM LED Flood Light
Powered by M18TM batteries (battery
and charger not included - sold
separately). Provides best in class light
output, functionality and durability.
Uses eight high quality LEDs, providing
1,100 lumens and up to 1,300 lux.
Compact, lightweight roll cage design and replaceable impact resistant lens ensure the light can stand up to the toughest working conditions. The octagonal shape allows the light to be used at multiple angles. Multiple hanging features (EMT hanger, key hold hanger, cross bar hanger, and handle hanger) provide hands free use. Up to 30% brighter than corded 250 halogen lights. Up to 8 hours of run-time. Dimensions: 8-3/4”L x 6-1/4”W x 6-1/4”H. Weight: 3.4 lbs.
M18TM TRUEVIEW LED Stand Light, Bare Tool
Designed to give professionals an area lighting solution that adapts, performs, and survives industrial
use unlike any other portable worklight. Maximum extension: 7’ high. Collapses down to 40” for easy transport and storage. The light head can be extended from 4-7’ to light overhead work or minimize shadows when casting light downward. Three light output modes: High Mode - 2,000 lumens, Medium - 1,300 lumens,
Low - 850 lumens and can run for
up to 4, 6, or 10 hours with an M18TM REDLITHIUMTM XC 5.0 battery. High Definition 􏰀utput with true color, e􏰁en beam and natural light. Reinforced legs are impact resistant, and its low center of gravity provides a stable base. The light head is protected by an impact-resistant lens and bezel, and it nests into a protective shroud for secure transport and storage.
18V LXT® Li-Ion LED Flood Light
Offers the convenience of cordless or corded operation, and provides bright even lighting for large work spaces without the high heat of halogens. 2-mode operation delivers 750 lumens on high mode or 450 lumens on low mode. Up to 8.5 hours
of continuous illumination with a 5.0Ah 18V LXT® battery on high mode. Overall Length: 8-3/8”. Light only (battery and charger not included).
LED Handheld Flood Light with Power Bank
60 to 1000 lumen adjustable power dial. Lens design and included shade allow for anti-glare low shadow illumination, making engine bay, wiring and undercar work easier on the eyes. Features a 180° angle adjustable head, 20 lb. base magnet, collapsible base hook, USB-out power bank function and charge level indicators. Bulb: 34X SMD LED, 6000-7000K, >80CRI. Working Time: 2 hours on high, 3.5-4 hours at 50%, 24 hours at 10%. Dimensions: 10.25” x 3” x 3”.
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