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Rechargeable Hood Light
Rechargeable SMD LED auto hood light. Dual brightness levels: 1,200 lumens
on high and 700 lumens on low. Bracket extends up to 88” and can stand on flat surfaces. Dual switches allow light to be turned on and off from either end. Up to eight hour runtime on low and four hours on high. Light can be charged while in use. Dual folding swivel hooks and magnet mounts. AC/DC chargers included. ALTM36 cULus Chargers
Rechargeable LED Underhood Light
􏰀􏰁 L􏰂Ds, cool and energy efficient. Dual brightness, up to 􏰃 hours runtime. Extendable metal hood bracket, up to 78”. Cushioned metal clamp prevents scratching. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, 5200mAh. Includes: Charging cradle, 12V auto plug USB adaptor, cULus listed charger & USB cord.
Rechargeable Underhood Light with Detachable Handheld Light
1540 lumen LED cordless underhood light features a 250 lumen handle light that can unclip with a press of a button. Impact resistant design features an aluminum body with high impact plastic covers and lens. Rubber over-mold hooks adjust from 50” to 81”. Two independent lithium batteries allow for 4-6.5 hours of use, or use while corded. 16.5 ft. charging cord with simple plug design to avoid damage. Handheld light charges itself when clipped into the underhood light.
M12TM LED Underhood Light Kit
Battery Pack
Light 􏰄utput􏰅 􏰆igh 􏰇 􏰈,􏰉􏰃􏰁 lumens􏰊 Low 􏰇 􏰋􏰁􏰁 lumens. 􏰌rue􏰍iew􏰎 high definition L􏰂Ds display true color and detail in engine bays and dashboards. Up to 8 hours of runtime on a M12TM 4.0XC pack. FINISHGUARDTM hooks protect against scratches. Industry’s first shielded mounting hook doesn􏰏t wear to e􏰐pose metal to surfaces o􏰑ertime. 􏰒􏰓 more gripping surface for maximum hold. Fully padded, mitt-shaped surface allows for more contact and better hold on diverse surfaces. Easily rotate & slide light bar to focus light to the up, down, left or right. Detachable light with hang hook for use on motorcycles, mopeds and other applications. Includes: M12TM LED Underhood Light (MWE212520), M12TM REDLITHIUMTM XC 4.0 Extended Capacity battery pack (MWE48112440) and M12TM Lithium-Ion battery charger (MWE48592401).
M12TM LED Underhood Light, Bare Tool
6 x 2W LED Corded/Cordless Underhood Light
6 x 2W super bright LED provides over 550 lumen brightness on low power; over 1050 lumen brightness on high power. Dual power operation: rechargeable 7.4V 2200mAh Li-Ion battery or 100-240V AC power cord. Long running time, up to
2-3 hour on low power, 1-2 hours on high power while fully charged. Soil resistant and flexible 18/2 cord is oil and grease resistant, remains flexible in cold weather. Durable and comfortable ABS handle with double injection and impact protection. 􏰔re􏰑ent scratching of 􏰑ehicle finish with coated and padded aluminum alloy hooks. Easily attach to most SUV and trucks with a bar that extends from 47” to 70”. 􏰕ntelligently wired with automatic shutoff and o􏰑ercharge protection. 􏰖afe and firm attachment thanks to 360° ratcheting hooks. UL listed (cULus) charger.
   See page 640 for safety warnings.
Provides 3,000 lumens. Two magnets makes mounting a breeze. The right angle power cord can be run out of the access at the top of the canopy. LED lights in the bar and on both ends will flood your work area. Can be set to be motion activated.

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