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Stinger Switchblade® Rechargeable Multi-Function Worklight
Five lights in one: droplight, hands-free light, bright white light,
UV light, it’s a light with Streamlight®'s Color-Rite Technology. Worklight features a 180° rotating light bar that aims the beam where you need it. Double-sided light bar with cool white LEDs on one side, 90 CRI LEDs with Streamlight’s Color-Rite Technology and a UV LED on the other. Cool white LEDs provide bright white light: 800 lumens; runs 3.75 hours. 90 CRI LEDs with Streamlight®’s Cool-Rite Technology allow you to better see the color spectrum so you can differentiate between paint or wire colors: 600 lumens; runs 3.75 hours. UV LED for lead detection: 500mW; runs 15
hours. 􏰆ltra􏰇thin design fits into tight spaces. Durable hinge􏰈 folds
for storage. Hands-free applications: Tail-end magnet adheres
to steel surfaces. Stowable hand hook. Foot provides stability
to stand on end; lip offers a secondary hook option. Machined
aircraft aluminum light bar; replaceable polycarbonate lens with
scratch-resistant coating. High-impact, super-tough nylon polymer
construction with “Rocky Stipple” texture for a sure grip. IPX4 water-resistant; 1M impact resistance tested. Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable up to 300 times. Charges via USB source or Stinger® charger. Folded length: 9.8”; Extended length: 17”.
13W Drop Cord Light
􏰀􏰁 􏰂att compact light to fit limited access areas; 9” long. 18/2 SJTOW cord type is 25’ and oil and water resistant. Swivel hanging hook. CEL1100617 13 Watt Roug􏰃 Ser􏰄i􏰅e Bulb CEL6240686 Housing Assembly
13W Drop Cord Light with 25’ Reel
􏰀􏰁 􏰂att compact light to fit limited access areas; 11” long. 18/2 SJTOW cord type
is 25’ and oil and water resistant. Swivel hanging hook.
Rechargeable Extreme Focusing Light
COB LED. Two light modes: High
- 1,000 lumens, 4 hour runtime; Low -
500 lumens, 8 hour runtime. Focusing
lens. Stepless dimmer. 180° rotating
stand and handle. Rechargeable with
on-board USB charge cord. Outbound USB charging for compatible devices. Battery level indicator lights. Rugged aluminum construction. Protective corner bumpers offer drop protection. Comes with a magnetic base.
WorkStar® 5000 LUMENATOR® w/ Magnetic Base
A professional, rechargeable LED
worklight that generates 1,800/600
lumens. 3 brightness levels: High
- 2,100 lumens, 2.5 hour runtime;
Medium - 1000 lumens, 5 hour
runtime; Low - 500 lumens, 9 hour
runtime. Charge time: 3.5 hours. User
replaceable Li-ion battery pack. Built-in
battery life and charge indicator. Ultra-
wide floodlight beam pattern. Rugged aluminum alloy casing. Nylon handle rotates 180° and becomes a stand and a mounting point for optional tripod and magnetic base (included). Dimensions: 9” x 8” x 3”. Weight: 2.5 lbs.
MXN10157 Charger
WorkStar® 5200 LUMENATOR® Jr w/ Magnetic Base
A compact professional, cordless LED
worklight that produces 1,250 lumens.
Three brightness levels: High - 1,250
lumens, 2 hour runtime; Medium - 600
lumens, 5 hour runtime; Low - 300 lumens, 9 hour runtime. The COB LEDs plus
the unique “fresnel-like” lens creates an ultra wide floodlight beam - no rings, no shadows, no hot spots. The rubber bumper around the aluminum body/heatsink protects the edges and provides good surface grip. The nylon handle tilts 180° and acts like a support leg or mounting point. Diameter to distance ratio is about 3:1. Dimensions: 7” x 6.5” x 2” inches.
Telescopic Tripod Stand for WorkStar® 5000
Holds one WorkStar® 5000 and attaches to the nylon handle, which tilts 180°. Extends from 2’ 6” to 5’ 8”. Includes a right-angle mounting bracket, so the light can be aimed in any direction. Light not included.
13 Watt Roug􏰃 Ser􏰄i􏰅e Bulb
15 Watt Drop Cord Lig
15 Watt, 25 ft. cord length.
18/2 SJTOW cord type is oil
and water resistant. Shatter
resistant. Adjustable hanging
hooks. 20” Long.
CEL1056001 15 Watt Fluorescent Replacement Bulb CEL6140171 Housing
Rotating Magnetic LED Worklight
Sturdy aluminum housing with 24 high intensity
LED lights. Head rotates 360° to direct light to any needed angle. Strong magnetic base attaches to any ferrous metal. Bridges a worklight with a high quality flashlight. Comes with (3) “AAA” batteries.
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