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M18TM Compact Vacuum, Bare Tool
The most powerful & adaptable handheld cleanup tool. A high performance motor creates best in class suction for cleanup of drywall dust, wood/metal shavings and common jobsite debris. With a unique handheld design, the M18TM Compact Vacuum can be used in a wide variety of orientations and applications. A clear view and easy to empty canister provides added convenience. Delivers up to 25 minutes of runtime on a XC5.0 battery pack and 43 minutes of runtime on a HIGH DEMANDTM 9.0 battery pack (both batteries not included). Includes: M18TM Compact Vacuum (MWE088220), 4’ flexible hose, crevice tool, (2) extension wands, floor tool and 􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃 filter
M18TM Compact Wet/Dry Vacuum
Works on all Milwaukee® 18V slide-on batteries, REDLITHIUMTM or Ni-Cd. Powerful motor to provide strong suction and air flow. Tool box style for easy transport and storage. On-board accessory and hose storage. Built-in blower port. Ideal for both wet and dry applications. 􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃 filter. 􏰄eight􏰅 􏰆.􏰇 lbs. 􏰈a􏰉imum 􏰃ir Flow􏰅 􏰇􏰊 cu.ft. per minute. 􏰋ealed suction in water􏰅 􏰌􏰍􏰎. 􏰏ncludes cre􏰐ice tool, filter assembly, and utility nozzle. Battery NOT included.
M18TM Fan
Powerful Airflow System: Circulates air over 40 feet. Provides up to 17 hours of runtime on a REDLITHIUMTM XC5.0 battery. 120° adjustable head and 9 stopping positions. AC adaptor included for extended runtime. Four keyhole hangers and two hanging holes allow for multiple hanging orientations. Dimensions: 10.29"L x 7.15"W x 14.07"H.
M18TM Compact Blower
3-Speed electronic switch and variable speed trigger allow for versatile clearing power. Lock-on switch reduces user fatigue. Extension nozzle clears dust and debris easily from the ground or overhead without having to lean over or stretch. Universal inflator/deflator for easy set-up and take-down of most inflatable products. Shock absorbing polymer and reinforced handle resists drops. Nozzle made from soft plastic to resist crushing or cracking. Dimensions: 20-1/2”L x 6-1/2”H x 5-1/2”W. Maximum Air Flow: 100 CFM (160 MPH). Includes M18TM Compact Blower, extension nozzle, universal inflator/deflator.
M18TM 10 oz. Caulk and Adhesive Gun Kit
  All-metal gears: Deliver industry-leading 950 lbs. of dispensing force for the highest viscosity materials. Variable-speed trigger: Allows for maximum flow-rate and bead-width control. CFTTM Constant Flow Technology: Offers steady flow rate and even beads at all viscosity levels. Anti-drip mechanism: Instantly stops material from dripping upon trigger release. A rotating collar gives you maximum bead control around turns, and the quick-change carriage lets you change between 10 oz. carriage, quart-size carriage, and 20 oz. sausage barrels. 6-Setting max speed dial: Optimizes flow rate from 0-21 IPM. Includes: M18TM 10 oz. Caulk and Adhesive Gun (MWE264120), 10 oz. carriage conversion kit, M18TM compact REDLITHIUMTM battery (MWE48111815), M18TM & M12TM Multi-Voltage charger (MWE48591812)
MWE264120 M18TM 10 oz. Caulk and Adhesive Gun, Bare Tool
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