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Flexible 23-1/2” Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Adjustable telescoping action extends from 5-3/8” to 23-1/2” with a 3-1/2” flexible segment that holds its shape to get into tight spots. Super strong neodymium magnet picks up all ferrous metal objects up to 2.5 lbs.
Flex Magnetic Retrieval Tool
Retrieves lost ferrous metals, nuts, bolts and tools. Flexible aluminum shaft remains in position. Super strength Neodymium-Iron- Boron extra high flux magnet for greater pick up power - powerful enough to pick up objects weighing 1-1/2 pounds under correct conditions. Sturdy knurled aluminum handle. 21-9/16” long.
Flexible Claw Spring
Bright plated steel spring reaches into inaccessible places. Press plunger and four spring steel claws expand; release plunger and claws retract. Grasp hot utensils, dropped machine parts, etc. Length: 23-1/2”.
Flex Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Length: 29”. Aluminum shaft can be bent at any angle to retrieve dropped metal objects in hard to reach areas. Powercap® slides over the magnet and shields the sides from attaching to unwanted metal surfaces. Lifts up to 5 lbs. with the Powercap®. Textured cushion pistol grip will not slip in wet or oily hands.
Flexible LED Lighted Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
Tightly wound spring snakes into tight dark areas to retrieve dropped objects. Convenient side switch turns bright LED light on/off as needed. Press plunger and jaws open/release plunger and jaws clamp shut. Two (2) CR2032 lithium batteries included. Powerful magnet lifts up to 5 lbs. Measures 25-3/8” long.
55" Extra Long Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Extra-long flexible magnetic pick up tool measuring 55" long. The retrieving end has a neodymium-iron-boron magnet that can lift up to 8 lbs. The extra-long aluminum shaft can be bent to any angle to retrieve a metal object. The handle having a soft textured grip will not slip in wet or oily hands receiving objects at greater distances.
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