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Fractional Electronic Digital Caliper
Use to check the size of drill bits, sockets and other items that are either metric
or fractional. Range: 0-6”/0-150MM. Graduations: 0.0005”/64ths/.01MM. Easy to read digital display with inch/inch, fractional/metric conversion. 4 measurements - inside, outside, depth and step.
Electronic Digital Caliper - Large Scale
0-6”/0-150MM. Easy to read digital display reduces errors. Thumb wheel for precise control. Hardened stainless steel frame. Inch/metric conversion at the push of a button. Comes in plastic case with extra battery.
Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper
Measures disc brakes and up to 12” on brake drums. Includes a set of clamps, four sets of set screws, one Allen wrench, a set of 3-3/4” contact points, a set of 3/4” cone contact points and a set of 3/4” flat contact points in a plastic tube. When measuring brake drums only, add 8” to measurement - allows for long cone and jaw widths. For use with 6” and 8” calipers. Range: 6”. Stainless steel frame, large easy to read display, .0005” resolution, direct inch/metric conversion, 4-way measurement. Includes molded case.
Electronic Digital Rotor Gage
􏰂ardened and tempered stainless steel gage. Large figures in L􏰃D display for ease of reading. Metric or Imperial read-out. Zero setting control allows for comparative measurement. Supplied in carrying case. Resolution: 0.01MM (0.0005 inch). Range: 0-100MM (0-4 inch). Accuracy: + 0.02MM (+ 0.001). Functions: Zero set, MM/inch select. Battery type: SR44/LR44/AG13 (1.5V). Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C.
Rotocal® Electronic Rotor Gage with Twin Conical Anvils
Range: 5.5”/140MM. Reads in inch, metric, and fractions. Direct inch/metric/ fraction conversion. Resolution: .0005”/.01MM (fractions in 1/64” increments). Water resistant to IP54 standards. Dust and oil resistant. Conical anvils measure scored surfaces. 3.5” jaw depth for larger rotors. Includes molded case.
Rotocal® Reach Electronic Rotor Gage
Measures most rotors while the wheels are still mounted on the vehicle. Inch/ Metric/Fraction. Range: 0-3.25”/0-82.5MM. Resolution: .0005”/.01MM (fractions in 1/64” increments). Solid one piece construction. Water resistant to IP54 standards. Floating zero. Twin conical anvils with the ability to measure low points on both sides of the rotor. Battery: 3V, type CR 2032 Lithium. Includes molded case.
Drum and Rotor Measuring Kit
   Composite material for superior reliability and durability. Digital display with decimal inch, decimal metric and fractional readout. Push button conversion. Range: 6”/150MM with .0005”; .01MM; 1/64” resolution. Four measurements: inside, outside, depth and step. Large LCD panel for easier reading. Two (2) LR44 1.50V batteries included.
Electronic Caliper
Accuracy: ±.001/.02MM. Range: 6”/150MM. Resolution: .0005"/.01MM. Direct inch/ metric conversion. 4-way measurement - inside, outside, depth and step. Stainless steel frame. Large, easy to read display. Includes molded case.
AutoCal Electronic Caliper
Inch/metric/fraction reading: .0005”/.01MM/ 1/128”. Dust, water and oil resistant to IP54 standards making it great for garage and shop environments. Heavy duty frame for extra rigidity and wear. Direct inch/metric/fraction conversion. Floating zero. Super large, easy to read 14 x 52MM display. 4-way measuring. Combined thumbrest and thumbroll for fine ad􏰀ustment. 􏰁ncludes spare battery and fitted case.
    See page 640 for safety warnings.

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