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Fixed Tip Retaining Ring Pliers, External
Come with grips but without spring and stop. Tip Size: 0.038”. Tip Angle: Straight.
External Lock Ring Pliers
Designed for standard
applications. Jaws are scored
on the outside to hold rings
securely on removal and installation. Right angle tip. Length: 8-1/2”.
External Lock Ring Pliers
Thin nose design for work in
close clearance areas. Jaws
scored on outside to hold rings
securely on removal and installation. Straight tip. Length: 8-1/2”.
Snap Ring Pliers
Remove/install snap rings
with reverse bevel end, used
to locate bearing on shafts of
transmissions, differentials,
etc. Maximum spread: 1-7/16”.
􏰀pring closure, 􏰁inyl grips. 􏰂lack o􏰃ide finish. Length􏰄 􏰅􏰆.
Horseshoe Snap Ring Pliers
Extra large lock ring pliers with
replaceable tips. Maximum tip
spread: 2-1/2”. Vinyl cushion grips. Length: 14” (350MM). ML41R Replacement tips (pr.)
Large Internal Retaining Ring Pliers
For internal retaining rings from
3-1/16” to 6” in diameter. Double
tooth ratchet safety device
prevents rings from releasing
their tension and permits assembly and removal of rings without having to maintain pressure on the handles. Comes with replaceable straight tips. Length: 16”.
ML790 90° Repl. Tips (pr.) ML78 Straight Repl. Tips (pr.)
Snap Ring Tool Kit
Snap ring pliers for 1/4" to 1" tools. ClipadTM for 3/8" and 1/2". Removal and installation tips. O-ring removal hook. Deburring pads. One 3/8" Snap Ring Kit (3/pk). One 1/2" Snap Ring Kit (3/pk).
Lock Ring Pliers
For removing and installing all
types of lock rings. Spreads
lock rings commonly found
on transmissions, master
cylinders, brakes and other applications. Specially designed jaws are knurled on the end to prevent slipping. Jaw range: 3/32” closed, 15/16” open.
Snap Ring Pliers, Smal
Reversible action for both
internal and external snap rings.
􏰀maller design to fit tight spaces.
Quickly converts from internal
to external use. Simply pivot
each handle to the opposite side
to reverse action. Includes four
pairs of tips to fit a wide range
of snap ring sizes. 45 and 90 degree tips for hard to reach areas. Conical tip ends prevent the snap ring from slipping off of the tips.
LS46250 Replacement Tip Set - Includes: .045” straight tips (2), .060” straight tips (2), .045” 45° tips (2) and .035” 90° tips (2)
Hog Ring Pliers
8” Overall length. Handles hog
rings up to 1.75” Soft foam
cushion grip handle coverings
for comfortable prolonged
usage. Includes multi-functioned
hardened jaw teeth for long life
and solid gripping on almost any
surface. Unique design reduces fatigue and improves use in many applications.
Lock Ring Pliers
Spreads snap lock rings on brakes, transmission, and machine tools. Thin jaws open in parallel plane. Compound leverage. Length: 10”.
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