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0.5" TO 2.5"
Micro Torch
$49.95 $59.95 PWPPMT
Use for welding, brazing, wire soldering, etc. Adjustable flame 1/2" to 2-1/2". Electronic ignition. Easy refill butane. One refill lasts up to 2 hours. Flame temperature up to 2500° F.
 Mini Chain Hoist 10 Ft. Lift with FREE Camo Bag
$179.95 WT287101C 1/4 Ton
Weston style, double pawl brake design splits the load to opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security. Industrial rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360° for easy rigging. Hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation increasing jobsite safety. Cast steel safety latches are secured with Allen screws and lock nuts. Grade 80 black oxide coated Needle bearing design for smooth operation. Small body and lightweight design for low headroom applications and use in confined areas.
1,000 lb. Geared Engine Stand
$439.95 $557.95 CSEES1KG
Designed for handling and positioning of most automotive engines requiring repair or rebuild. 63:1 ratio gearbox easily rotates engine to desired position by turning the crank handle. Worm drive gear is self-locking in any position. Space saving foldable design for easy storage. Fully adjustable mounting head and adapter fingers. Four wheel base provides stability. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standards.
2 Ton Tripod Stand
$159.95 $205.52 CSEUH2TA
Designed to help support and stabilize a vehicle on an in-ground or above- ground lift. 24” triangular base for stability. Bearing mounted spin handle and self-locking AcmeTM threaded rod provide easy height adjustment. Contoured saddle supports most component configurations. Compliant with the latest ACME PASE-2014 safety standard.
13 HP 2 Stage Compressor
$3,269.23 $3,769.23 ACC3G3HHL
13 HP Honda 2 stage gasoline engine. 25.25 ACFM @ 100 PSI. Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI. 30 gallon ASME tank. Dimensions: 44-1/2"L x 19"D x 45"H. Shipping Weight: 369 lbs.
Painter Air System
$114.95 APSCA10
The Painter’s Helper: this
helps reduce painters arm
fatigue, as well as deliver
clean regulated air to your paint gun. Attach any paint gun to the 6-1/2’ hose that goes to the air regulator with the mini-desiccant drier that attaches to your belt, attach to shop air and you are ready to go. Keep the dirty shop hose away from wet paint!
Air Vacuum Kit
    $57.95 $67.95
flexible hose
for access in
tight areas,
flat tube
for engine
small bore
vacuum tube
for cleaning
in small places, multi-angle brush for vehicle interiors, and dust bag with two layers of material for added durability and zipper bottom for quick removal of debris
TrueTimber® Camo Hat
TrueTimber® Strata pattern. Snap closure. Cornwell® Tools logo embroidered in hunter orange.
68 oz. Beer Growler
$32.95 $42.95 CTPGRL
Leak-proof flip top lid. Rugged construction, perfect for outdoors. Cornwell® 100th anniversary graphic.
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