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 Magnetic Tool Rail
CTB12MR - 12" $19.95 $24.95 CTB24MR - 24" $25.95 $34.95
Tool rail can be magnetically secured to any steel surface or mechanically fastened to walls and other surfaces. Features solid steel flat frame and tough
rare earth magnets that hold even the heaviest tools in place. Great for use on hutch/canopy walls, locker doors, and bottom side of flip top cart lids.
          PLATINUMTM 5-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTSPLF405KA - Atomic Orange CTSPLF405KB - Corporate Blue CTSPLF405KF - Graphite CTSPLF405KG - Neon Green CTSPLF405KMK - Matte Black CTSPLF405KMR - Matte Red CTSPLF405KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$5,195.00 $5,795.00
3-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTBF353KB - Corporate Blue CTBF353KG - Neon Green CTBF353KO - Orange CTBF353KMK - Matte Black CTBF353KMR - Matte Red CTBF353KMS - Matte Silver Gray
PRO SERIES® 6-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTSPSF416KB - Corporate Blue CTSPSF416KG - Neon Green CTSPSF416KO - Orange CTSPSF416KMK - Matte Black CTSPSF416KMR - Matte Red CTSPSF416KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$2,295.00 $2,795.00
5-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTBF355KB - Corporate Blue CTBF355KG - Neon Green CTBF355KO - Orange CTBF355KMK - Matte Black CTBF355KMR - Matte Red CTBF355KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$1,449.95 $1,699.95
Socket Rack Tray
CTG444 - Blue CTG444R - Red
18” x 6” metal frame with 4 rails and clips. Includes a total of 80 clips: (20) 1/4”, (30) 3/8”, (30) 1/2”. Convenient carrying handle.
$20.95 $27.50
Triple Rectangular Magnetic Parts Tray
Heavy-duty, rubber covered magnets will not scratch metal. Fully magnetized
to hold metal fasteners, etc. Stainless steel. Dimensions: 13”L
x 6”W x 1-3/4”D
$29.95 $39.95
Magnetic Parts Bowl
Ideal to keep nuts, bolts, and other small parts within reach of work area. Strong magnetic base that attaches securely to vehicles, tool boxes, etc. 6" diameter cup.
$10.95 $14.95
          5-Drawer Sliding Top Cart
CTBS355KB - Corporate Blue CTBS355KG - Neon Green CTBS355KO - Orange CTBS355KMK - Matte Black CTBS355KMR - Matte Red CTBS355KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$1,499.95 $1,849.95
Flip Top Cart with Power Drawer
CTBF476KB - Corporate Blue CTBF476KG - Neon Green CTBF476KO - Orange CTBF476KMK - Matte Black CTBF476KMR - Matte Red CTBF476KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$2,450.00 $2,795.00
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