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 LS19912 NEW! 14 Piece Multi-
Application Oil
Funnel Kit
Helps eliminate oil spills
when refilling crankcases,
especially those with
baffle valve covers. The
1.6 qt. translucent funnel comes with 14 different color-coded adapters and a 45° elbow to work on many applications and save valuable storage space. Adapter holders keep adapters organized in toolbox or on pegboard. Use spout only as a standard funnel. The adapters fit crankcases securely. Tethered lid and cap keep the funnel clean.
$89.95 $109.95
2 Piece Oil Filter Pliers Set
Manufactured with heavy-duty forged levers with cushioned grips. Spring loaded, easily adjusted. One- hand operation.
$60.95 $81.95 HR27600
3 Legged Oil Filter Wrench
Features gear driven legs
to grip and turn the tightest
filters. Designed for use with
3/4” driver or 3/4” hex wrench. Compact design allows for use
in tight spaces. Removes filters
from 2-3/8” - 3-3/4” range (60-95mm).
$12.95 $15.59
Heavy-Duty Strap Filter Wrench
Designed to grab and remove
filters up to 9”. Cordura strap
is tough and oil resistant.
Can be used with a 3/8” or a
1/2” drive. Excellent for use
in heavy-duty and on the toughest filters.
$24.95 $30.95
Pistol Grip Grease Gun
16 oz. bulk fill, 14 oz. cartridge. 3 way filling (cartridge, bulk, filler pump). Heavy duty thick seamless barrel. Special ACME threads machined in barrel for better seal. Heavy-duty 18” flexible nylon hose, and 6” metal spout with coupler.
$34.95 $40.95
Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set
For pulling jobs requiring an internal pull, such as pilot bearings. Set includes four collets which fit a wide range of applications.
$239.95 $289.95
OWC6295 Front End Service Set
Allows for easy
removal of the most
popular types of
Pitman arms, tie
rods, and ball joints.
Press-type ball joint
separator allows for
ball joint removal without the damage to boots and other parts that fork-type removers may cause.
$181.95 $204.95
Bearing Puller
When working space is limited, this
type of puller is needed to remove
flywheel pilot bearings from
automobiles, trucks, and tractors.
Only 7-1/2” long. Can be used to
pull bearings or bushings from
generators and starters. Includes:
1/2” to 1-1/4” (13-32mm) I.D. capacity jaws
$26.95 $32.75
2 Piece 4-In-1 Lug Nut
Impact Socket Set
One socket can be used on 4 sizes:
17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 22mm.
Double ended retractable impact
socket. Includes: 4-In-1 Lug Nut
Impact Socket and 1/2” Drive x 3” Impact Extension
$24.95 $29.95
4 Piece 1/2” Drive bluePOWER® Impact Flip
Socket Set
Includes: 19mm x 21mm, 3/4" x 13/16", 7/8" x 15/16" flip sockets and a 3" impact extension
$39.95 $49.95
8 Piece Brake Tool Set
Set contains the
most popular tools
for servicing drum
brakes on many
import and domestic
vehicles. Bi-material
handle for added
comfort. Chrome
plated for long lasting corrosion protection. Blow- molded case for easy storage.
$84.95 $94.95
LS25750 Dual Piston Brake Pad Spreader
Makes dual piston pad replacement a simple job.
$57.95 $71.45 LS29100
Quick Quad
Piston Spreader
Can be used while four
piston caliper is still
attached to the vehicle
hub. Works on single,
double, quad and six piston applications.
$67.95 $91.25
Ball Joint Set
Over 20 adapters to cover the most popular trucks, vans, SUVs and car applications. The OTC designed and produced C-frame tool can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints. Includes: 20+ adapters, C-Frame, and application diagrams in a blow-molded case
$466.95 $518.95
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