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Power Probe® 3 Kit
Exclusive blue flame graphics. Features test light, audio tone, voltmeter, 20 ft. jumper lead, bad ground indicator, continuity tester, short circuit indicator, and relay/component tester. With the press of a switch, have an instant hot lead or ground lead to activate components. Features audio tone and LED light. Includes: Power Probe® 3, cigarette lighter adapter,
3” probe tip, battery hook-up clips, 20 ft. extension lead, instruction manual and blow- molded case
$169.95 $186.95
Power Probe® IV
Provides the ability to supply battery ground and power and 9 diagnostic testing modes to provide automotive technicians with detailed information on the circuits and signals being tested.
$269.95 $299.95
Digital Circuit Tester
with 6V, 12V,
24V, and
48V systems. Voltage is displayed on LCD screen. Bright LCD backlight indicates red for power (B+) and green for ground (B-). 3.5” stainless steel probe. Coiled cord reaches up to 12’. Test range 3.8V to 48.3V DC.
$49.95 $54.95
Professional Automotive Test Lead Set
Versatile set of interchangeable test probes designed for automotive electrical applications. Flexible silicon back probe pins slide easily into automotive connectors. Plunger style insulation piercing clips with insulated jaws. Large, shielded crocodile clips. Test probes with tip insulators. Double-insulated
64" test leads. Roll up storage pouch keeps leads organized.
Magnetic Retractable Test Leads
2 leads x 30 ft. magnetic
back. Used for testing
electrical circuits in
cars, trailers, boats, etc. Retractable test leads
pull out and stay at
desired length. Different
color wires for easy identification.
$39.95 $51.95
20,000mAh Portable Power Pack
Built-in intelligent
battery protection
for charging various
handheld devices. Dual
ports (USB and Type-C)
and LED battery life
indicator. Durable,
aluminum housing with patented ergonomic design. Fast charging, sleep and wakeup capacity. Low power consumption. Includes USB cable.
$51.95 $57.95 ESC718
Digital Battery & Electrical System
Test 12 volt
batteries from
200 to 1200
CCA. Test 12 volt
charging systems.
Measures cranking
volts to test the
starting system.
Test lead acid,
enhanced flooded,
AGM, AGM spiral, and gel cell batteries charged and discharged down to 7 volts.
$99.95 $119.95
12/24V Relay Buddy® Pro Test Kit
Includes 5 adapters for expanded relay testing. Three diagnostic trouble codes help define the cause of the bad relay. Quick off-the-car relay tester. Checks relay coil and switch contacts - fails bad relays. Automatic test with Good/Bad indication.
$179.95 $206.95
1500 Amp UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
Designed for gas engines
up to 7L and 4.5L diesel.
Rated at 1,500 amps
with up to 30 jump starts
on a single charge.
Spark-proof connections
and reverse polarity
protection. 200 lumen
LED flashlight with 7
modes. Hot and Cold LED indicators. Holds charge for up to one year and features USB port for charging personal devices. New HD Precision Battery Clamps easily connect to any 12V lead-acid battery.
6/12V Battery Charger/Starter with Service Mode
Fully automatic 6 and 12 volt charging. 55 amp Service Mode
for extended service procedures and programming. Variable 2-6 amp charge/ maintain, 60 amp boost and 300 amp engine start. Digital display with push-button control. 6’ battery cables with heavy- duty, 300A clamps
and reverse hook-up protection. Compatible with standard, deep- cycle, AGM and GEL batteries. 2-year warranty.
$399.95 $449.95
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